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How can we help you?

Vocational Consulting

Vocational consulting involves providing advice and guidance to individuals or organizations on career-related issues. This can include helping people choose the right career path, determining the necessary education or training required for a particular career, and providing guidance on job search and career advancement strategies.

  • Our initial consultation helps me to learn more about your questions, concerns, needs and goals in regard to entering/re-entering the workplace and or higher education. This consultation can help us both to determine if proceeding with employment services is the right choice for you.
  • Consultation with employers to discuss their employment needs. My goal is to develop partnership with employers for future consideration of potential job applicants, consideration of opportunities for job shadowing when needed, or applicants for volunteer opportunities and internships
  • Offer the service of ergonomic assessments to potential employers
  • Discuss potential for accommodations, if necessary
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