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Vocational Assessments

A vocational assessment, also known as a vocational evaluation, is a process that helps individuals with disabilities or those considering a career change to identify their strengths, interests, and skills, and to determine the types of jobs that would be a good fit for them.

  • Assessments of an individual’s education, work history, volunteer activities, interests, skills, aptitudes, the vocational implications of personality and how all of the information gathered can help to guide career choice
  • Transferable Skills Analysis to aid in identifying skills that transfer into alternative industries or other occupations
  • Labor Market Research into availability of identified occupations in the individual’s local labor market, wage data, and requirements for entry into area of occupational interest

The results of a vocational assessment can be used to develop an individualized plan in partnership with you for your chosen career path. This plan may include recommendations for further training, current job search strategies and interviewing skills training, or other support services as needed.

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